My name is Troy DeRego.

I try really hard to give a shit.

I played my dad's drums when I was a kid. I got hooked. My friend said I could take his father's acoustic guitar. He planned to learn how to play but gave up. When he discovered the guitar was missing he decided to try again so I had to bring it back.

I convinced my brother to get an electric guitar for his birthday, then took it from his room as soon as he wasn't looking. I played along with records and tried to put my fingers in the right place. Sometimes it sounded good to me.

I asked my friends to start a band. They said they couldn't play anything, so "No." So I put on my headphones and kept playing in my room.

I used two cassette recorders to mix tracks and learn how to put guitar, bass, drums, and vocals together. The first time I did it, I had to take a walk around the block, heart racing, like I had just discovered a new life form.

I grew up in the souless suburbs in a town much like Nutfield. Music was my connection to the rest of the world. I believed in music as a protest, music as a way to change the world, to open eyes, and open hearts. It seemed like nothing could be more important than adding my voice to that cause. I still believe this. That's why I try really hard to give a shit.

If you read this far, you must try to give a shit, as well. Thank you. Do you want to start a band?